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Sustaining the Change 

Identifying problems is one thing; ensuring positive change that lasts is a completely different challenge. Here at Proteus we excel at knowledge transfer and upskilling in all of our programmes in order to sustain the change.

One of the main challenges to face when implementing change is to adapt to working environments - we encourage those who are learning to apply those skills as soon as possible in a real-work situation. Rapid Improvement Events can identify key skills in client staff to help empower them to bring change from within the organisation. Proteus has the tools for change, and we can help you learn how to use them.

Recent programmes we have designed and delivered include:

  • Change Leadership Principles (1 day)

  • Facilitation Skills Programme (2 days)

  • Lean Transformation Programme (3 days)

  • How To Design & Run Rapid Improvement Events (2 days)

  • Motivational Management Programme (up to 7 days)

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