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Client Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study: A Russell Group University Transformation Programme

Proteus co-created and delivered "Simplify, Collaborate, Deliver" (SCD), the transformational change programme at this Midlands University. SCD's aims are to reduce complexity, whilst harnessing the potential of the University community. SCD projects are designed to improve end-to-end processes, remove inefficiency, and provide an enhanced student and staff experience. Over six years, the programme has realised £14 million of savings, without redundancies, and has implemented significant process improvement.

Case Study Testimonial

"Nick has played a key role in the leadership of the highly successful SCD programme. He has demonstrated expertise in influencing change at a strategic level as well as leading operational teams to deliver tangible improvements. His ability to identify root causes of issues, analyse complex data and lead teams to identify solutions has resulted in the delivery of significant financial savings to the University. I thoroughly recommend Nick and Proteus Consultants as an effective strategic consultant."

Darren Wallis, COO of King's Business School, King's College London

Case Study: University Arts Centre

Over 600 arts and entertainment events are booked by national agencies and promoters each year through the University Arts Centre, one of the largest Arts Centres outside of London. There were a number of issues with the existing process, such as the time and effort taken to get a fully signed contract in place; lack of a standard process resulting in dissatisfaction of customers (promotors, agents and artists) and stakeholders.

A cross-functional team was assembled for a three–day Rapid Improvement Event. All issues and root causes were identified, including the fact that bookings were being recorded in one of 7 different systems, leading to errors and rework downstream. The process had excessive hand-offs and delays at many stages.

The team, with leadership and facilitation from Proteus, identified and implemented key areas for improvement, initially including:

  • Reducing the number of systems used to record bookings from 7 to just 2.

  • Halving the number of hand-offs in the process

  • Reducing the error rate from 40% to almost 0%

  • Simplifying the process - 92% of contracts signed before tickets go on sale, up from only 30% before the RIE.

  • Improving satisfaction amongst staff and customers

  • Developing a comprehensive action plan for implementation which was monitored on a weekly basis by the Arts Centre Senior Leadership Team.


All participants rated the process as 'Excellent.' A culture of continuous improvement has developed, with the whole team striving to make the process better and more efficient. As one participant said, “what helped was going through the whole process to reach new solutions rather than just having endless meetings about problems!”

Case Study Testimonial

"We worked with Proteus at a critical time for the Arts Centre after identifying an urgent need to bring rapid improvement. The results were simply remarkable. Significant improvements were evident within a month. The most exciting thing though was seeing colleagues who had taken part in the workshop then start to apply the learnings to other business processes. They began identifying improvements for themselves. It was revolutionary to the business operations, and the ability that Nick has to listen, facilitate and transfer knowledge is simply first rate!"

Former Head of Finance at the Arts Centre

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