What We Do:

Do you have complex problems that require the services of an expert management consultancy? Read on to find out more!

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Proteus Consulting Limited was created in 2011 by founder and director Nick Dalton when a gap in the market was spotted for a dynamic, human-based approach to business consultancy. With experience in the Higher Education sector and Manufacturing, Social Housing and Construction, Proteus was designed to solve complex organisational problems through:

  1. Working closely with teams

  2. Getting the right people in the same room at the right time

  3. Recognising the innate creativity within people

  4. Turning that creativity into solutions

  5. Building the capability through the right skills

At Proteus, our evidence-based, data-driven approach builds a benefits case for clients to ensure success. With our Consulting, Facilitation and Training model, please see the following sub-pages to find out how Proteus can change your organisation for the better.