At Proteus, we're all about lean thinking and putting that into practice. Our work can range from organisational transformation to smaller scale projects, focusing on process improvement.


Our interventions typically produce a return on investment of 6 to 1.

Broadly, our consulting work follows 4 phases:

Phase 1 - Scoping the Change: In this first phase, we invest time with our clients to establish the blueprint for the project's success. It is at this point we begin to quantify the potential benefits of the improvement programme.

Phase 2 – Defining and Planning the Change: Our structured "Insight" programme helps us gain a better definition of the problem. We achieve this through research and data analysis, ensuring engagement with all stakeholders. This phase delivers an outline plan for implementation and a robust benefits case for change.

Phase 3 – Implementing the Change: Depending on the scope of the project, implementation could range from focused Rapid Improvement Events (RIE), to more complex programmes involving multiple workstreams.

Phase 4 – Sustaining the Change: We ensure that any changes made deliver tangible benefits over the long term. This is achieved through a multitude of different ways, including regular team progress reviews; training client staff in continuous improvement, and appointing skilled change facilitators to sustain the change.