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Teams are a fundamental part of achieving success.  Often the best creative solutions can only be reached through consensus with all stakeholders. Strong leadership of such teams can be the difference between success and failure.


The real challenge for team leaders is when the team itself is composed of members from different departments, disciplines or organisations. Where you have a number of stakeholders present, who may have disparate agendas and objectives, the need for strong facilitation is critical.

At Proteus, we believe that expert facilitation can help you face these challenges. We have designed and facilitated hundreds of events worldwide. These events have included strategy work with executive teams, project delivery teams, operational improvement and change teams, stakeholder groups, supplier communication events and public consultations.

These facilitation services can range from a one-off team event to part of a large-scale improvement programme. The structure of our facilitation services are carefully designed and can be tailor-made for your organisation's needs to ensure maximum success.

A typical model we have utilised in the past for the Higher Education sector involved facilitating a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE).


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